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Proxy contests are our business!

Our results have never been overturned!

We serve a variety of public and private companies as an Inspector of Elections for routine and broad-term shareholder meetings. We are trusted leaders in this industry and our results have never been overturned. We offer the following services:

  • Independent Inspector of Election (Proxy Contests)
    The crucial task of counting and certifying votes in a contested election cannot be dismissed. We provide experienced, knowledgeable and impartial Inspectors of Election for contested shareholder meetings. From providing preliminary election results to both parties of the contest to conducting a review and challenge session and producing a final certification of the vote, our team will walk you through the process step by step to ensure a complete understanding of the contested election process.
  • Proxy Card
    Design (available 24/7)
    We will design your proxy card to provide for the best response from your shareholders. Graphics, logos and barcodes can be incorporated as needed. Proxy card proofs are provided to ensure we’re meeting your specific requirements. Any changes are made immediately and a revised proof is distributed.
    The printing process is performed in-house to ensure confidentiality. Proxy cards are imprinted with the variable shareholder data including their confidential control number.
  • Mailing
    We’ll guide you through the options to match any unique specific needs and requirements and mail the proxy materials to your shareholders. Mailings can be stratified by shares and mailed by different classes to save the most money based on your requests.
  • Website Hosting
    We can host your meeting documents, including your proxy statement and annual report – AND can host fight letters and other important documents relevant to proxy contests.
  • Electronic Voting
    We designed the telephone and internet sites using our more than three decades of experience in this industry. The sites are customizable to adapt to unique situations.
    Internet platform
    Our platform for internet voting is unique and provides a powerful visual effect for your proposals. We can include Director Nominee pictures as well as their bios so that your nominees are not just a name on a line. In addition, email confirmation is provided to any shareholder requesting a copy of their vote. We can also provide for electronic signatures if required.
    Electronic Vote Certification
    Certification is provided for the inspector of Election to ensure the validity of the votes.
  • Inspectors of Election
    Experienced personnel attend the shareholder meeting, canvass votes cast in person, and certify final results on site. Our Inspectors will be on site one hour prior to the start of the meeting to aid corporate officers with any vote information required for the meeting script and to help any shareholders who may have questions about voting their shares.
    Required Documentation
    We provide the inspector’s oath, master ballot, shareholder ballots, and final report for immediate certification at the conclusion of the shareholder meeting.
  • Tabulating
    Timely Vote Reporting
    We provide tabulation reports in a customizable format on any schedule our client’s desire. Reports are available for download from our secure server or by email delivery.
    All votes are 100% verified, signatures are reviewed by our trained staff to ensure proper execution.
    Comprehensive Voting Summary
    Proxies are voted, combined with electronic votes and beneficial votes then provided to the Company and its proxy solicitor in a voting report which conforms to our clients’ needs.
  • Pre-fight Tabulating
    Complete Services
    We offer complete services for proxy solicitors representing one side or the other in proxy contests, including designing the proxy card, printing, mailing, and tabulating of all registered and Bank/Broker shareholder votes.
    Proxy Solicitation Firm
    We provide shareholder voting analysis and tabulation reports to proxy solicitors on whatever schedule they require.
  • Plan Tabulating
    We perform complex ESOP and 401(k) tabulations in a proxy contest and provide participants an easy-to-use platform to vote their shares for either side of the election, including telephone and internet voting, proxy card design, and complete printing and mailing services for Plan holders; once the vote is completed, we provide comprehensive voting results to the Trustee of the Plan for inclusion in the overall vote tabulation.

We value our employees and their expertise by setting a high bar for excellence. We are pleased to serve all business sectors.

"For the last five years, CNL has used the inspector of elections services of First Coast Results and has continued to be pleased year after year. The professionals at First Coast Results are easy to work with, always well-organized and accurate in their reporting of the meeting results. When planning an annual or special shareholder meeting, we request First Coast and can rest assured that they will effortlessly take care of everything!"

Althia Davis, Senior Communications Manager
CNL Financial Group